Monday, November 17, 2014

The Future of Poisoned Children (Poem)

By: Romeo F. Quijano, M.D.

Look into the future my friend and see the mass of poisoned children
Born into the muck of apathy they seem to wander aimlessly
Brains impaired and bodies made frail insidiously by toxic mists
Deprived of vision deprived of hope,  no path to tread nowhere to go.

Look into the food they eat and see the dreg it had become
Examine the water they drink, not even fit for pets you own
Pesticides in their springs, wells and rivers, lakes and seas
Poisons bathing all their farms, rice, vegetables and even sweets.

Wasn't there a global summit as early as 1990,
For a better future of progeny, political action it has to be?
But where is that promise to create a world fit for children,
Where is that global pledge to protect the rights of every child?

Are there not many institutions, UN bodies, various governments
Enacting laws and regulations to protect health and environment?
Are there not scientists who know toxic chemicals and the risks?
Aren't there any publication telling the true information?

All swept away by the avalanche of capitalist greed!
Unleashed  by the brute force of a superpower gone crazy
Pushed by the ruthless might of agrochemical TNCs,
Vile bureaucrats complicit, children's welfare trumped by profits!

Book into the future, my friend, and join the mass of people rising
Gather a crowd of enlightened gentry and be a revolutionary!
No more brains impaired no more bodies made frail by toxic mists
Vision restored and hope revived, our path is clear, children set free!