Thursday, November 25, 2010

119 horticulture companies 
fined for trading 
in illegal pesticides

DUBAI — A recent crackdown on Dubai’s horticulture companies resulted in the Dubai Municipality fining 119 companies for fraudulent practices and seizing 110 litres of illegal pesticides from them. A total of 642 companies, including flower stalls, nurseries, fertiliser plants and companies trading in horticultural pesticides, were inspected during the special inspection campaign organised by the Public Parks and Horticulture Department at the municipality in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development (DED).
Warning notices were issued against horticultural firms functioning without licence by the Dubai Municipality and a fine of Dh6,000 each was levied for the conduct of pest control activity at the site without licence by the DED. “The offenders were caught to ensure non-spreading of horticultural pests and to stop fraudulent practices, and to provide greater protection to consumers,” the municipality said in a media release. The warehouses in Karama were caught for filling agricultural pesticides and liquid fertilisers from the original containers to other plastic containers of different sizes.
The seizures include 10 pesticides (Vindona) in one litre containers, 71 insecticides (Mouseblan) in 100 grammes packets, 93 refilled pesticide containers without any stickers indicating the capacity of the package, one 8-litre bottle of Target cockroach gel and three rolls, each one with 620 empty plastic containers totalling 1,860 containers.The campaign also resulted in the seizure of nine vehicles used for the sale of date palm plants in these areas as 76 palm trees were for sale. All of these vehicles have been issued warning by Dubai Municipality for unlicensed horticultural activities and fines were issued by the DED.
The Public Parks and Horticulture Department has called upon the public not to buy any palm plants from street vendors. Residents have also been urged to buy plants through specialised companies licenced by the municipality.Otherwise, the municipality warned, the residents will be encouraging a hazardous practice that will lead to the trading of inferior types of palms and will also help in the spread of agricultural pests, especially red palm weevil. Public can call the toll-free number, 800900, for comments or questions.      

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